Automation project manager

Control engineering


The mission of the automation project manager is to develop industrial technical solutions (electrical engineering/embedded electronics) and manage Control Engineering projects in line with Group standards, for industrialization and improvement projects.

He/she is responsible for:

  • Supervising new installations, electro-technical modifications  related to product industrialization and machine optimization, right through to updating documentation.

  • Develop technical solutions for control circuits (and safety) as part of product industrialization and optimizations on our existing machines.

  • Analyze hardware obsolescence problems, develop component replacement solutions and lead RetroFit projects on production lines.

  • Diagnose and resolve Hardware and Software failures on gateways to embedded systems and make their operation more reliable.

  • Participate in the technical department's feedback and technology watch.


Start-up of an industrialization project for a new steering column:

  • Definition of the project team, you are the expert for the control command part.

  • The integration could be done on existing machine or a new machine will be created.

  • You will carry out the control command part yourself, or you will follow up with the machine supplier and external service providers

  • You will carry out the study, draw up the specifications and technical documentation, follow up with the service provider, and commission the machine

Progress outlook:

  • Hierarchical (evolution towards managerial functions).

  • Transversal (change of service or department for new challenges and to put your technical expertise to good use).

  • Geographical (international opportunities within the group).