Automation project manager

Automation software


The mission of the automation project manager is to manage automation projects in compliance with group standards.

He/she is responsible for:

  • Doing preliminary studies for automation projects.

  • Coordinate human and technical resources to successfully complete automation projects.

  • Perform programming.

  • Ensure the start-up and ramp-up of automation projects.

  • Apply continuous improvement approaches and ensure a technology watch.


Starting an industrialization project for a new steering column:

  • Defining the project team, you are the expert for the automation part.

  • The integration can be done on an existing machine or a new machine will be created.

  • You will carry out the automation yourself or you will ensure the automation follow-up of the machine supplier.

  • You will ensure the study, the writing of the documentation, the programming, the commissioning, the optimizations and the training of the users.

What career paths are open to you?

  • Hierarchical (evolution towards managerial functions).

  • Transversal (change of service or department to take on new challenges and put your technical expertise to good use).

  • Geographical (international opportunities within the group).