Safety instructions :

Carriers arriving at the thyssenkrupp Presta France sites in Florange / Fameck must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Present yourself at the reception desk with your safety vest, safety shoes, CMR, passport or any other identification document.

  • Have transport number(s) [except for exceptions].

  • Respect company safety rules and stay close to the truck at all times.

  • Respect the speed limit of 20 km/h maximum on all sites.

  • Do not pause or cut within the site.

  • Stay close to your truck when loading/unloading. If the fire alarm sounds, remove the truck from the dock.

  • Warning: For security reasons, please note that this site is under constant video surveillance. Be vigilant and respect the rules in force.

Delivery stages:

Step 1: The driver goes to the driver reception station (PAC) and accepts the safety instructions on the computer terminal. He then chooses the language then enters his name, first name and the trailer's license plate. The reception desk agent gives him a badge which will allow him to open the barriers and a pager which will allow him to be alerted when it can dock.

Step 2: The driver parks in the dedicated parking lot and waits until his beeper sounds. When this is the case, he is invited to join the platform whose number is indicated on the pager.

Step 3: The driver positions the truck at the assigned dock and returns the pager and truck keys to the operator. At this point, the driver hands over the relevant documents (such as the CMR and BL) to the forklift operator or to the dedicated counter. On the other hand, the forklift driver completes the inspection form and ensures that the load does not present any anomalies and that the safety instructions are respected.

The forklift driver then proceeds to load/unload the truck.

Step 4: Once the previous steps have been completed, the forklift driver can return the keys to the truck to the driver and the latter is authorized to leave the site by following the directions present on site but also written on the plan. They must place their badge in the badge holder located at the exit of the site.