The main missions of the Internal Logistics Group Leader are to :

  •   Coordinate a site's logistics activities (technical and human resources) in line with expected performance targets

  •   Contribute to optimizing the site's logistics efficiency and implementing structuring projects

To this end, he/she is responsible for :

  • Plan, adapt and optimize human and technical resources according to activity and specific requests

  • Manage a team and ensure that defined objectives are met

  • Analyze and resolve and resolve logistical malfunctions within its scope

  • Ensure effective and efficient collaboration with internal and external partners

  • Contribute with the team, to continuous improvement initiatives and the implementation of new projects

  • Contribute, with the team, to continuous improvement initiatives

Progress prospects :

  • Hierarchical : An Internal Logistics Group Manager can, if his or her desire and skills are focused on team management themes, progress to the position of Logistics Manager.

  • Transversal : Development can also be transversal depending on the individual's attractions and skills. (change of service or department for new challenges)

  • Geographic : International opportunities within the group