Logistics Agent


  • The main missions of the Logistics Agent are:

  • Loading goods onto trucks for delivery to our customers

  • Unloading goods from our suppliers

  • Supplying components and packaging to the various production lines

  • Storing goods

Material handling tasks are also carried out. They consist of :

  • Assembling cartons from A to Z to pack our steering columns

  • Cleaning and preparing our reusable packaging

  • Preparing orders

  • Packaging certain goods from A to B packaging

Other missions also exist :

  • Some of our logistics agents are authorized to drive shuttles to ensure the flow of goods between our 3 plants (a few kilometers apart). These Logistics Agents have a special license.

  • Other Logistics Agents handle incoming goods from our suppliers. This activity is focused on the Receptions sector and SAP/WMS IT tools.

  • Finally, some Logistics Agents supervise our various IT systems controlling our automated forklift trucks (AGVs) and our WMS (warehouse management system). They ensure that these systems are running smoothly and provide support to the various users (production lines, etc.).


  • Logistics Agents may be required to operate handling equipment. They are varied (Front-end forklifts, Reach trucks for high storage, Order picking trucks, Stackers, Truck shuttles...)

  • Work cycles are also varied. We go from a day job, to a 2-shift model (M / AM), to 17 shifts per week in rotation.

Prospective career paths:

  • An Operational Logistics Agent, can become a Versatile Logistics Agent. He or she can then become a Referent Logistics Agent, then if he or she so wishes a Supervisory Logistics Agent.

  • If his or her desire and skills are focused on the themes of managing and leading teams, he or she can progress to the position of Logistics Animator.

  • If his desire and skills are more focused on computerized logistics systems and tools, he can become a Logistics Flow and Systems Analyst.