Technicien de Maintenance

At thyssenkrupp Presta France, the monitor occupies a central position that is essential to the smooth running of the company.

As the Team Leader's main point of contact, he or she acts as the interface between the Manager and his or her team. His job therefore has a strong human dimension.
As a communicator, he is there for his team, listening to them and teaching them to support the Manufacturing Agents in their work, helping them to improve their skills and raising their awareness of 5S.
He leads the briefing centered on SEQDC (safety, environment, quality, deadlines and costs) as well as the muscular awakening of his team at the time of the taking of station, writes the planning and makes sure of the holding of the objectives of the day in term of production.

The Monitor is also and especially a person of ground.
Doted of serious technical skills, he is also guarantor of the good functioning of his park machine.
He'll be responsible for corrective and preventive maintenance of 1er level machines, and will also be the first point of contact for Maintenance Technicians, Automation Technicians, Electro-Mechanics and others able to intervene on more complex breakdowns.
Dynamic and reactive, he'll do his utmost to ensure that breakdowns last as little time as possible.
He is trained to analyze breakdowns and drifts on the line so that he can correct them and suggest areas for improvement to the support departments.

Finally, as the representative of his production line, the monitor is a key player in the quality of our product.
He makes sure that the product meets customer requirements, checks for any anomalies and implements appropriate corrective actions.