At thyssenkrupp Presta France, we value the professional development of our employees and offer certain opportunities to enable you to grow within our company. Whatever your profile, you'll find a career development plan to suit you.

For career development, we're adept at internal evolution and the ongoing development of our employees' skills.

Thanks to our skills center, you can largely, according to your desires develop new skills that will enable you to build a career in constant evolution.

Vertical evolution:

  • If you have big ambitions, you've come to the right place. We have all the tools to make you an expert whether you have experience or not.
    You can start as a Manufacturing Agent then evolve as a line driver, Leader..

But also horizontal:

  • Want to discover new work departments? It's totally possible, and in addition to providing you with a new work dynamic as well as new responsibilities, it will enrich your experience and your CV.